August 23rd, 2010

Season 8 - Buffy Sproing

Hey Sports Fans!

And by sports fans, I mean Buffy comics fans!

I just wanted to let y'all know I'm planning a big Season 8 extravaganza to be hosted at SlayAlive for the September 1 release of Last Gleaming Part I.  A "Season 8 in Retrospect" event that's going to look back on the highlights of the season and culminate with...

The Ultimate Scott Allie Interview

This is gonna be spectacular and I mean that literally.  A spectacle of positive energy that will seduce you.  You will not be able to resist my shimmy shakes, y'all.  Be warned.

And to be clear, this is a lovefest.  LOVE.  ♥ ♥ ♥   I've got my positivity back, it is FIERCE, and y'all are gonna look like my icon--SHOCKED AND APPALLED AND MAYYYYYBE TURNED ON--when you see the way I'm spreading the XOXO's. 

And amidst all the lovin', yes, I'll be sneaking in some thoughtful questions that will make Scott go "ugh, tough, whyyyy Emmie?  Why do you always do this to me?"  And the answer is that I love the thinky thoughts.  If anyone wants to make a case for a topic they'd maybe like covered in the interview, comment below.  To clarify, this is not a Q&A, I just wanted to keep my finger on the pulse of fans here.