August 16th, 2010

Fan Art Appreciation

New Banner


So some of you  might have noticed the new banner at the top of my journal which is Spuffy a la True Blood.  Well, the artist, Mr. Savath B. very generously offered to create another piece of art for me purely by request.

I racked my brain trying to figure out which moment I wanted captured in art, then realized that there's a reason I haven't changed my forum banner in over a year.  I LOVE FLAMEY HANDS OF LOVE.

Check out the pretty!  It's not completely finished yet, but I'm over the moon and beyond pleased.  The details in this piece, the perfection capture of the characters (Buffy's so perfect, her nose, even her hair) and Spike (oh his face, the details and texture of his coat).  I just want to kiss it.  My two favorite bits: the flame which is mesmerizing and the tear streaming down Buffy's cheek and the moisture in her eyes.

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