August 13th, 2010

Angel - Atonement

FIC: Undertow

Uh, I wrote Angel fic.  Again. 

Title:  Undertow  (snippet)
Summary:  The weight of his soul is dragging Angel down.
Rating:  PG but will be R
Word Count:  230
A/N:  This is an opening snippet of what will be a few thousand words story.  It took shape from a discussion shapinglight was having about a Fanged Four fic.  I hope she doesn't mind that the conversation inspired me (rather, a challenge of timing inspired me with my own idea)--I'm going in my own direction of course.  Would anyone read my writing a story about Angel a few years after he got his soul back and his inability to let go of Drusilla, Spike and most especially Darla?  The overall theme being "god doesn't want you, but I still do."

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