July 2nd, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

The "Who Are You" Ficathon Masterlist

It's July 4th weekend and it's time to unveil the Body/Genderswap fic! 

The “Who Are You” Ficathon focuses on the theme of identity through bodyswaps and genderswaps. Often bodyswap and genderswap fics are only used to explore a character’s sexual identity and in doing so, hook them up with another character. This can lead to gratuitous sex scenes. And hey, those are an enjoyable part of fanfiction, but there’s a whole other world of identity that is not explored when stuck in this highly sexualized corner.  The "Who Are You" Ficathon's goal is to explore the greater breadth and scope of identity.

Everyone who's participating, please post a link to your story in the comments!  If you're not finished with your story yet, don't panic.  Please try to finish as soon as you can (hopefully by next weekend).

Who Are You Faith Lehane? by moscow_watcher.  Summary:  Faith doesn't remember anything about her life in Sunnydale when she wakes up from coma.  R.  Complete.

+ The Swap by maryperk73703.  Summary:  People should know better than to make wishes in Sunnydale, even people who do it on purpose.  R.  WIP.

+ Changing the Parameters by brutti_ma_buoni.  Giles.  PG13.  Complete.

+ Put Yourself in My Shoes by lusciousxander.  Buffy, Xander.  Buffy suddenly finds herself in Xander's body.  PG13.  WIP.

+ The Beauty of the Stars by quinara.  Buffy, Illyria.  What can you trust when your instincts are gone?  PG.  Complete.