June 8th, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

I'm back!


Thanks to the lovely ladyofthelog, I was able to reformat my computer.  Spent most of last night downloading drivers and trying to get my wireless internet to work, but finally success!  So that's a plus.  Still bogged down in jobhunting, though, and when I tried to go out yesterday my brakes were out (I need to get more brake fluid, I think, I hope...). And yes, I did start to think that maybe I'm cursed (or horribly negligent) that so many things managed to go wrong all at once. But still, I'm hopeful and happy because things are looking up and it's begun to feel like not having a computer has helped me refocus and clear my head, so it's almost like the evil computer trolls (the invisible ones who spread viruses and eat up html code) were helping instead of hurting.


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I'm amused by how much happy Buffy I'm putting into this post--icon, gif and moodtheme surely must be the holy trifecta!  Victory!