May 27th, 2010

Spuffy Fool For Love Backporch

BtVS Rewatch

So I've kinda pondered in my head what are the pinnacle episodes of Spuffy?  If you could only watch five Spuffy episodes, what would they be? 

I think my two favorites are Fool For Love and Intervention, but truthfully I have trouble thinking of other episodes that are so much about them.  But sometimes I just want to watch the story with undiluted Spuffy and I'm pondering what sort of rewatching order that would be.

In other news, I've been making progress with writing my story for seasonal_spuffy tonight (my day is June 11 so more than two weeks to get it done).  YAY.  I've been feeling a bit down about writing, so making such progress feels amazing--my fic writing brain has been fizzling a bit lately from negative feelings about all manner of things.

But anyways, yay story!  I've got it all planned out in my head and (I hope!) it's going to be: epic, violent, funny, schmaltzy, emotional babyfic Spuffy with a special focus on Buffy being badass, Spike being badass, Buffy and Spike snarking, and together finding moments of grace.
Attention Ho

Buffy Fandom Roll Call!

Hello to my flist and anyone reading!  My friend gabrielleabelle is running an Extra-Fandom Roll Call.  What's that about?

Two ways, you might qualify:

1. You participate in some off-LJ fannish activity. Anything. If you post on a fan forum, mailing list, follow a fannish Twitter, belong to a fan comm on Facebook, anything. Yes, this can be in addition to your LJ fannishness.


2. If you read this entry but you don't have an LJ account. That is, you're not "a part of" LJ, yet you still read posts from it.

In other words, if you've got an LJ account, but post at Whedonesque or some other fannish activity off-LJ (like say you follow Whedonesque on Twitter and Tweet about Buffy, counts!)...

Or for anyone reading who's more of a "lurker" (I was a lurker for almost five years, good times!), you don't have an LJ account, but you enjoy reading the works here on LJ, you can post a comment anonymously to be counted.  Just hop on over and post "Present!" or something equally clever. ;-)

So this is me calling all Buffy fans to Join the Roll Call!

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