May 21st, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

FIC: Unqualified Applicant Need Not Apply

Title:  Unqualified Applicant Need Not Apply
Summary:  Sarah's just your average girl.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:  630
A/N:  This was written in response to thoughts on the Buffyverse perpetuating women's body image issues.  Banner by the wonderful ladyofthelog 


That Old Gang of Mine (Best Gen) and Bring on the Night (Best Dark) @ No Rest for the Wicked Awards - Round 4
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Buffy - red and terrible and red

The Id!fic meme

snickfic's hosting an id!fic meme where anyone who's read my fic can comment (anonymously even!) how I've perhaps revealed my id through my stories.  (Thinking on this has actually made me come to my own realization, so I'm curious if anyone else has caught my id showing...).

To comment on my id, go here.  Curious to see what y'all think!  And do go join in on the fun if you'd like to receive some commentary!
Buffy - red and terrible and red

Omigod Cuteness Squared x Infinity

So I'm tooling around on Hulu and I see some clips for The Soup listed. Hilarity with Joel McHale. I approve. So naturally I watch, I laugh, then I see the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life: 

The tiniest pony in the world!

This "cuteass shit" is around 1:25 seconds in.

Hopefully this magical creature will give my flist some joy!  Look how cute and tiny!  Be amazed at the adorableness!