April 16th, 2010

Spuffy What She Deserves

FIC: A Romantic Notion

Title:  A Romantic Notion
Summary:  Spike takes Buffy on a romantic getaway.
Timeline:  Post-Not Fade Away.  Ignores Season 8 comics timeline.
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  ~700
Author's Note:  This is for moscow_watcher .  Happy birthday!  I kicked my butt into gear to write you a little story.  The premise here was inspired by fans asking if Spuffy shippers would be happy if it were Spike in #34.  But I think no, it's not the pairing we object to, it's everything else that offends.  Here's my vision of Spuffy in-character romance.

Nominated for Best Post-Series Fic and Best One-shot at the Cover-to-Cover Buffy Awards - Round 1[info]c2c_buffyawards 
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