March 26th, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Writing Challenges

I just signed up for the Remix Redux.  Which was a pretty spontaneous decision.  It was just so easy to sign up now that they're running it through AO3 (the sign-up form was easy to use) and all my fics and drabbles are posted there.  (I've been really lax in updating my Fic Index here at LJ.) 

To recap all my future writing projects:

Art-to-Fic Challenge -- April 31 deadline for posting.  Something Spuffy. 

Remix Redux remixers_lounge  -- May 9 posting day.  (Sign-ups close March 31.)  Works revealed May 16.  Authors revealed May 23.  I won't know what I'm doing until I get my assignment, so...

seasonal_spuffy  --  June 11 is my posting day.  I'm working on a Season 5 AU where Buffy is pregnant with the Key while they're on the run from Glory and the Knights, set during Spiral.

"Who Are You" ficathon  --  July 2-4 weekend.  I've been pondering doing the "Buffy in Wonderland" bodyswap actually.  Though I need to do a bit of research.

plot_wout_porn   --  August ?  Sometime around then.  I have no plans here.  Eep.

Oh, and why do I keep signing up for all these ficathons when I need to be working on TYSK?  (Also birthday fic???)  I've been wrestling with my guilt complex about this.  But ultimately I feel like participating in these writing challenges is good and a great way to be part of the community.  Thankfully, the challenges are a month apart for me so I do have some breathing room.  I just really need to focus.

I think I might be taking a little hiatus from fandom for a bit so I can really work on writing.  Or rather, I'm going to cut way back on the porn... of fandom.
Gunn <3 his axe

Oh Wow

 I so should probably not have posted this.  Oh, screw it.  I just called out Bill Williams again.  I DO NOT CARE.  (Except that I do, but I feel this needed to be said.)  I'm just tired of the professionals' talk about Spike's character and even more than that the way Spike's being portrayed.  I probably should've just ranted here on my journal, but no I'm too impulsive for that.

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