March 19th, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

So... meme time yo.

First off, have y'all seen these AO3 icons stultiloquentia   made?  Buffy rocking her Scythe!

I totally nabbed this from penny_lane_42   and I also nabbed her disclaimer:

"When I ask for prompts or do a writing meme, there are no guarantees. I'll ask for them, and if they strike my fancy, I will write. Otherwise, I will ignore."  

Now normally I write Buffyverse and mostly Buffy/Spike.  I'd like to not do that here, at least not exclusively.  So if the prompt can step outside this fandom comfort zone, that'd be great.  Doing Buffyverse is still great, but maybe choosing a character who I don't usually write.  I'm open to trying anything at the moment--I'm feeling a bit experimental.

Shows/Fandoms that I love: BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog (okay Whedonverse!), Veronica Mars, Terminator: TSCC (the movies also), Castle, The Wire, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Community, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, 30 Rock, Bones, Caprica, Disney movies (pretty much seen all of them almost; my faves growing up were from the early 90's and The Little Mermaid in particular), Batman, Lord of the Rings, Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern, C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia.

First you pick a letter. Then you pick a fandom and a pairing. For example, A is for Anxiety, Cal/Gillian (Lie to Me). In turn you'll receive a ficlet of some kind

A is for: Anatidaephobia, Abed and Troy, Community (deathcomes4u )
B is for: Boredom, Peggy and Joan,  Mad Men  (aerintine )
C is for: Crush, Brennan and Zack,  Bones. (crackers4jenn )
D is for: Debris, Zoe/Wash, Firefly (brutti_ma_buoni )
E is for: Ex-boyfriend, Jeff/Annie, Community. (crackers4jenn )
F is for: Friendship, Tara and Spike, BtVS (debris4spike )
G is for: Gown, Faith and Giles (or Faith/Giles!), BtVS (snickfic  )
H is for: Honey, John/Cameron, T:SCC (effulgent_girl ) -- Fic: The Context of Affection
I is for: Indulgence, Veronica/Logan, Veronica Mars (leni_ba )
J is for: Jam, Victor/Sierra or Priya/Tony, Dollhouse (effulgent_girl )
K is for: Kneel,  Angelus and Drusilla, BtVS (cafedemonde )
L is for: Lottery, Mal and River (or Mal/River if you like that as much as I do), Firefly (deathcomes4u )
M is for: Malaise, Rory and Paris, Gilmore Girls (hkath )
N is for: Night, Faith and Xander, BtVS (moscow_watcher)
O is for: "Oh!", Betty and Don, Mad Men (brutti_ma_buoni )
P is for: Peace, Xander and Dawn and Miss Kitty Fantastico, BtVS (werehuman_path )
Q is for: Queen-sized, Lorne/surprise me, AtS (rebcake )
R is for: Refund, season 2 Angel ensemble, AtS (crackers4jenn  )
S is for: Sewer alligator, Carver and Bodie, The Wire
T is for: TiVo, Faith and Andrew, BtVS (bobthemole  )
U is for: Umbrella, Troy and Abed (ensemble?), Community (penny_lane_42 )
V is for: Victory: Buffy, Willow, Xander, BtVS (menomegirl )
W is for: Writing, Xander and Angel, BtVS (lusciousxander )
X is for: Xena Scrolls, theft of. Parker/Callisto, Leverage/XtWP  (menomegirl )
Y is for: Yellow, Logan/Veronica, Veronica Mars (penny_lane_42 )
Z is for: Zipper, Veronice/Logan, Veronica Mars (garnigal )
Community - Troy and Jeff


 I'm totally writing a gloriously long one-shot Community fic that's incorporating all three prompts from the earlier post (Umbrellas Troy & Abed, Ex-boyfriend Jeff/Annie and Anatidaephobia (fear of ducks) Troy & Abed).  Haha, this is awesome.  It's becoming a GLORIOUS ENSEMBLE piece.

But seriously, this is me just being so happy that I can write a Community fic.  These characters are so much fun to write!
Community - Troy and Abed

FIC: Journalism Ethics (1/2)

Title: Journalism Ethics
Summary: Rainy days are the best time for spreading tall tales.
Fandom: Community
Characters/Pairing: Ensemble, Troy and Abed (friendship), Jeff/Annie
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,916
Warning: Mild spoilers through 1x16 Communication Studies.
A/N: This story was created for a three-tiered prompt:
- Umbrella, Troy and Abed (ensemble) for penny_lane_42  
- Ex-boyfriend, Jeff/Annie for crackers4jenn  
- Anatidaephobia Troy and Abed for deathcomes4u 
Collapse )