March 6th, 2010

Buffy Alone

Parallels are Nifty

Just realized an important parallel in Season 8 while in discussion with Maggie.

Kenny spends half the entire season working to transform Dawn. Angel spends the entire season working to transform Buffy (to "push" her).

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Attention Ho

Twitter Audience

 With Logo now airing Buffy, it's wonderful to see so much discussion of the episodes.  And it's always hopeful that new fans will come and join up.  New blood with new enthusiasm.  

And Twitter is a big part of reaching this new audience I think.  Just check out these two searches:  (Be warned though.  Some of the comments on there are crazy.)

So there's your audience. The fans, right? And it's fun to share stories. So I've been linking to my fics recently. Maybe someone will stumble across them and enjoy. Then maybe they'll realize there's some amazing fanfiction here on Livejournal.  Either way, it doesn't hurt to link outside of LJ communities.  If anything, it's almost easier for me to link this way.  And sure, maybe those who stumble across my stories don't comment, but hey, it's a lurkers world we're living in.  

*waves*  Hello everyone!

Here's my Twitter account if anyone would like to follow me on there.  I started up a new account purely for fandom, so I go by Angearia on there.  Friend me and send me a message @angearia and I'll be happy to friend you back.