February 26th, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Happy birthday, baby.

It's TYSK's birthday today--she's one year old.  I'd planned on bringing baby out to play in order to celebrate her growing up, but the polishing of her patent leather shoes went awry (still trying to rub out those scuff marks!) and I gave her a haircut but it's not a pretty sight (must fix that!) and she decided to have an *ahem* accident in her party dress, so she's simply not presentable for company.  Not today, at least. ;)

But my, oh my.  Looking back at when she was so tiny a year ago, she's grown so much.  She's over 100,000 words tall, but when she was born, she was only an unassuming 523 words.  They grow so fast...

Here's a baby picture that makes me feel nostalgic for when she was such a tiny wee bugger: 
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