February 24th, 2010

Spuffy Want Take Have

FIC: Kitchen Battle Royale

Title:  Kitchen Battle Royale
Summary:  Slaying demons is the Slayer's gig and she will protect her home with any weapon on hand.  It's just a bonus that Spike gets turned on watching his lady work.
Warnings:  Sexy times, there be.
Rating:  R bordering on NC-17.  Or NC-17 that's not quite R.  Basically, there's naughtiness. ;)
Word Count:  910
Author's Note:  The fun continues.  stormwreath, beer_good_foamy, rebcake  and dorians_kitten  already offered some wonders for you here and here and here and here.  I couldn't ignore the impromptu ficathon that beckoned.  Here's my contribution to Gabs' and Lirazel's call for Spuffy sexyiness following her slaying demons with a kitchen implement.

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Buffy - red and terrible and red

Another Buffy/Angelus Rec

This next story set during Season 2 begins after Passion and goes AU.  It's written with such skill that it takes you down the rabbit hole.  Seriously.  As told through Buffy's POV in the second person, this Buffy/Angelus fic manages to be the most believable presentation of the pairing I've ever read.  This story is subtle and enthralling.

For anyone intrigued by the Buffy/Angelus pairing or simply would like to see a prime example of excellent writing, I present to you:

Courting Sin by leni_ba  (which is then continued in the Courting Sin 'verse)