February 21st, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red


Thank you so much to whoever nominated my stories!  You made my day go from good to stellarly awesome and splendiferously spectacular!  I'm so happy I'm abusing the English language, you see? 

Absence of Light Awards

One of the first fics I ever wrote, Heartbent, was nominated at The Absence of Light Awards - Round 3 for Best Gen and Best Overall Angst.  Also, Why Not was nominated for Best Ficlet (100-999 words).

(I couldn't pick just one fic-appropriate banner so I picked three because... um, they're awesome and pretty and I love these characters.)

Over at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards for Round 20:

Thought You Should Know was nominated for Best Characterization (Buffy) and Best Plot.

Begin Again was nominated for Best Romance.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was nominated for Best Comedy.

And I was also nominated for Best Author.

Collapse )

Thank you to the nominating fairies!  You brightened my day with your magic fairy dust.  We should all endeavor to spread around some of that nifty fairydust by nominating some of our favorite stories... 

Oh, and this might be kinda old news, but I didn't realize that Getting Off was named as 'Unsung Hero' in the Doomed (Best Het) category at Round 7 of the Running With Scissors Awards rwsawards -- that's like Honorable Mention, no?  Thanks so much!