February 3rd, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red


First off, I'm delighted to say that Chapter 36 of TYSK is off to beta!  Finally.  I'm looking forward to having that up and posted tomorrow.  *pouts for not getting it up two days ago* 

In other news, I just got a lovely message from the No Rest For The Wicked Awards wicked_awards letting me know:


- My labor of love, Thought You Should Know, has been nominated in two categories: “Showtime” (best original plot) and “That Old Gang of Mine” (best gen).  The plot nomination is a particular delight--I can haz plot!

- My meta-essay Season 8 is an Epic Fairytale was nominated for the “Not Fade Away” award (best essay and meta for all the fandoms listed).

It’s always wonderful to be included in such esteemed company, so thank you to the anonymous nominating fairies!  And wow, there are some really wonderful fics nominated--y’all should go check them out! 

Now I'm off to go be lazy and watch TV.