January 22nd, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Silly Writing Idea

I just had the silliest writing idea.  I'm a very visual person and so I always have to write notes to remind me of things because I need to see it in order to compute it.

One of the greatest challenges for me in writing TYSK is the massive cast.  And I hate not having every character involved and lifting their weight.  It's very easy for me to remember to have Buffy and Spike doing something important.  And Willow is always in the mix because she's a necessary figure for the plot also.  But the other characters?  I don't immediately focus on them.

So here's the silly idea.  I think I want to make playing cards from screencaps of the characters so that when I'm writing I can pick up the card and think "Okay, and how does Xander fit into this scenario?  What about Andrew?  You always forget about Andrew unless you want it to be funny."  I'm imagining it as a staging map almost - I suppose the next step would be to use action figures of the characters but I'll settle for having visual cues from cards.  :D

Character List:

- Buffy
- Spike
- Willow
- Connor
- Lara
- Xander
- Dawn
- Andrew
- Giles
- Faith
- Other Slayers:  Rowena, Leah, Breannah

So any suggestions for screencaps for the characters?  I think the more recent the better so Season 7.

ETA:  I forgot to include Kennedy!  See, this is what happens without visual aids.  *sighs*