January 18th, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Poem: On the Beauty of Naked Spike

gabrielleabelle  said (upon discovering a fan was compiling a Buffyverse bibliography that included fan meta):  "I feel the urge to write a lengthy treatise on the beauty of naked!Spike just to send to him. That would be cool."

penny_lane_42  agreed:  "I'm Lauren, and I approve this idea."

To which I replied:  "Maybe we should write about this in a poetic form? You know, really make it something special."

And penny_lane_42  suggested:  "Limericks? Blank verse? Sestinas? Sonnets?  Maybe we can recruit mere_ubu to write an epic made up entirely of Spaiku!"

To which I offered (in utter and vast seriousness for the occasion):

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