January 4th, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Link me!

gabrielleabelle  just did a fun Writer's Poll where many writers said they'd written genderswap fics.  How have I not read them?  Genderswap and bodyswap fics are two of my favorite fic tropes!

So this is me asking for links to your stories (if you've written genderswap or bodyswap) or links to stories you've enjoyed that have genderswap/bodyswap within. 

*bats eyes*

I love these stories for the fascinating exploration of identity that occurs and they're just so oddball and interesting.  No specific pairings or characters beyond it being the Buffyverse.  Speaking of - are there any good AtS genderswap/bodyswap fics?  It seems like most of these fics I've read have been more BtVS-related.