November 13th, 2009

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Fic Rec

I wanted to rec Kallysten's seasonal_spuffy story (Don't) Call Me Love.

It's a wonderful futurefic about Buffy's soul being born again and destined to stop an apocalypse. The question and expectation of whether this new Slayer will come to love Spike becomes more about whether these two can get past their own insecurities and hangups to discover what's real beneath both facades of external identity. What's true within one's soul. Kallysten dances a fine line between the old and new identity within Buffy and the newly called Cameron - but it's just enough to realize what's different for both doesn't matter compared to what's true underneath. It takes the concept of soulmates and makes it about souls who choose their mate for themselves, not souls who are destined to love because fate determines it for them.
Buffy - red and terrible and red

Archive Of Our Own

Thanks to quinara (!!!) I'm now uploading some of my fanfic to Archive Of Our Own. Though it is a bit time-consuming to update my profile with all my stories. So I have a quick question for anyone who reads some of my stuff.

Which ones should I definitely include? Here's my Fanfic Index if that helps.

I think I'm going to include the ones that I think are my better pieces. I plan on holding off on including "Thought You Should Know" because it's a WIP, it's huuuuuuuuge and I also want to go back and edit it once it's completed. I'd like to think I've become a better writer since I started writing TYSK almost a year ago, so I can hopefully look it over and tweak it.