October 9th, 2009

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Thank you!

A big thank you for these lovely nominations at the Shades of Grey Awards [info]sog_awards :)


The story that joyfully consumes so much of my free time, Thought You Should Know, was nominated for Best Gen.

My seasonal_spuffy offering from last spring, Sad Song in His Heart, was nominated for Best Het. *pets story* I'm still very pleased with how that short tale turned out.

And my remix fic written as an ode to Spike's journey, Woodstock aka Live the Music (Trippin' is Fun and Informative Remix), was also nominated for Best Gen.

Hmm, are we sensing a theme here?  All are Spike/Spuffy-centric fics. :)

A huge congrats to the many lovely people on my flist who were also nominated: eowyn_315 gabrielleabelle stormwreath penny_lane_42 shapinglight deird1 snickfic rahirah lusciousxander rebcake beer_good_foamy slaymesoftly and darlapr0duction!

Writing remains a wonderfully rewarding experience for me and this is sweet icing on the cake.  My DVR recordings have been piling up actually because my free time is spent beta'ing and writing and musing on fic instead of being a passive viewer couch potato.  Still with the sitting, but at least my mind is active, right? I, of course, make time for watching the important shows like Dollhouse and Mad Men.  Speaking of - join me in watching Dollhouse tonight, especially on Hulu! :)