July 8th, 2009

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Meta: The Spuffy Tango

In response to penny_lane_42  looking for meta on Spike, I started searching through all my fandom haunts and realized that I'd failed to collect my own thoughts.  I happened to just randomly post my thoughts in Dark Horse's Spuffy Appreciation thread over the past year, often taking an essay and just running with it.  So here's what I think about my favorite ship, just so I have it here at home on my LJ.
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Buffy - red and terrible and red

Spuffy Discussion Community?

I'm familiar with a lot of the LJ communities  for Spuffy fanfiction and art, but is there a community especially devoted to discussion of the 'ship?

As I was going through Dark Horse Spuffy Appreciation thread, I realized how much I'd missed the discussion.  It sometimes stalls a bit when there aren't enough people working to keep the discussion going (enisy  did a marvelous job of keeping the discussion alive over at DH, as did moscow_watcher ), but I believe that there are so many intelligent Spuffy fans (arguably the majority ) here on LJ that it's a great place for discussions to take place.  I was thinking in the vein of having themed discussions and questions to prompt debate.

Is there already a community for this?  Did I somehow miss it?

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Back Porch Spuffy

Alright, so I've gone and done it with everyone's encouragement from here.  Say hello to:


I've never run a community before, so I've only set up the bare bones of rules of courtesy.  But the one specific rule outside of those expected for common courtesy is that the community is for the discussion of Spuffy and not the advertisement of Spuffy creations.  Now this is not to say that someone might not wish to open a discussion about fanfic and then links to Spuffy fanfic will naturally come about.  But that there are already many communities devoted to fancreations where fic and art are posted.

So Spuffy lovers on my flist, please feel free to join up and if you have any suggestions for added rules or features, do share!

Membership is open and all members may post, but those who open a thread will hopefully view it as a way to generate a dialogue among fans.  Thanks!  And allow me to say again, all suggestions and feedback are appreciated.  I just created this piece so it's all shiny and new and open to ideas.