June 9th, 2009

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Fanmade Tales of the Slayers?

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I've been having a lot of thinky thoughts recently about the Global "Thought You Should Know" project and I wanted to put this idea out there for you to consider.  In bouncing forth ideas between everyone involved, a lot of amazing story is coming alive in my head (maybe in yours too) and I started to think that this has the potential to become more than just this little one-off PR video I'd write as a final chapter to my WIP fic.

What do you think about making our own  "Tales of the Slayers"?  I know that some of you involved are more interested in just sharing ideas and background but not writing, but a lot of you are talented writers.  Would you be interested in collaborating and writing a one-shot story for your own Slayer?  That in the end we'd have maybe a dozen collected stories of Potentials and how their lives were changed by becoming Slayers after Chosen.

Is this too ambitious, intimidating, mad?  I've already started writing out some story ideas for a Chinese Slayer and a German Slayer and I'm starting to get invested in creating a story that's about them, not about how they'd serve Buffy's story.

Would you be interested in creating a fanmade "Tales of the Slayers"?