May 20th, 2009

Buffy Tired/Weary

FIC: Mirror Mask

This piece was written in response to the SlayAlive Scribes challenge that I'm running.  I've decided not to enter the challenge as I'm moderating it (maybe down the road I will, but I'm serving in an advisory capacity right now), but I desperately wanted to write something for this prompt:  "Using your favorite Whedonverse character, show us what makes them beautiful to you.  Show us why you love them." 

So here is a piece about why I love Buffy and why she's beautiful to me.  And really, this is only one facet of what I find beautiful about her.  It's admittedly the tragic side but Buffy is courageously beautiful in the way she carries her pain.  This is post-Chosen.  959 words.  Rated G.

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