April 29th, 2009

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Drabble: That Thing You Do

This is for xc_runner50  who wanted some Spuffy with some Satsu thrown in.  Hope you like it, hon!

Spike fell back on the bed, panting.  “God, Slayer.  You tryin’ to kill me?”

Buffy grinned, crawling seductively up his body, nipping his abdomen and pecs along the way.  “Why?  Should I be worried?  You planning on not calling me for over a year after you’re resurrected again?”

“Oh come on!  You can’t still be mad about that.  ’S’been years since that happened.  Said I was sorry.”  Spike pouted, giving Buffy a devilish, puppydog look.  “Now you gonna tell me where you learned to do that thing with your tongue?”

“Did I ever tell you about Satsu?”


“Oh boy.”
Buffy - red and terrible and red

Drabble: Do Me No Good

This is for snickfic  who requested some Lorne/Darla.  Hope you like! :)

Lorne remembered her voice.  It was her best feature, that bluesy soul she had rolling off her dainty shoulders.  He could care less about the svelte curves, big blue eyes or bouncy blonde hair.  Her voice made him flash on tragedy, heartbreak and a deep skepticism that made him flinch, but oh the way she’d sang.  Sweetcheeks had the chops, alright.  She’d had the chops.  She could rip your heart out as surely as she could…well, rip your heart out.  Lorne was sorry to hear she’d gone dust in the wind.  That voice – he’d loved her if only for that. 

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Drabble: Psych 101 Me

This drabble is for obiwahn  who wanted some more Holden Webster in her life. :)

Holden opened his Intro Psych textbook and skimmed the first chapter.  Blah blah Phineas Gage.  Blah blah Freud.  Seriously dude, Oedipus complex?  For real? 


“Hey, Webs!”  A lanky guy with floppy hair popped his head into the study lounge.  “Wanna shoot some hoops?”


Holden grinned.  “Meet you down there.”


Closing the textbook, he rolled his eyes.  If only he’d gotten approval for the upperclassmen’s drama course he’d tried to enroll in.  At least he’d have been learning something useful.  Psychology only existed to induce headaches.  What a waste of time. 


This class was going to be the death of him. 

Buffy - red and terrible and red

Drabble: Just a Taste

This drabble is for phoenixofborg  who wanted some Spike/Willow in an awkward way.  Hope you like it hon!  Set post-Showtime.

Spike growled, frothing at the mouth as he sunk his teeth into Willow’s neck.  He sucked deeply, only for a second, before Buffy yanked him back and clocked him upside the head.

“Spike!  Snap out of it!” Buffy slapped his face.

“What?  I…” Spike licked his lips and looked up, bewildered. 

“Maybe it was too soon to stop using the chains."  Buffy frowned.  "I’ll be right back.”

Willow slumped against the wall, holding a hand to her wounded neck.

“Sorry, Red.  You okay?”

“Eh.  Been better.  Is the room supposed to be spinning?”

“Sorry.  Knew you’d taste sweet, though.”