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SMG or not!SMG?

Just FYI: I'm bored and feeling silly and this post is totally not a waste of time, okay?  That's right. 'Cause having fun and making polls is never a waste of time when it comes to fandom!

One of my favorite rumors is that Sarah Michelle Gellar is caught on camera among the extras in the filmed audience during the final act of Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog.

Joss Whedon has gone on record with TVGuide saying, "We know for certain that it wasn't. [...] It was not Sarah. No."  

But I don't belieeeeeeeeve him.  Why?  Because it looks just like her.  

Okay everyone, break out your SMG stan skills and examine the pics below!


And now we'll go a little bit closer for easier cross comparison.


Okay, so you've absorbed these pictures for comparison.  Let's break it down.  (And yes, this post is an SMG stan post in case you weren't already aware.)  

First off, the mystery woman in the black wig and the sunglasses looks ridiculously conspicuous in the crowd.  No one else is wearing a disguise like that.  And yes, it screams disguise.  Second, look how ridiculously petite and tiny the woman is.  She's even tinier than Mo Tancharoen and that's tiny. This woman in disguise is professional actress skinny compared to all the average sized extras sitting around her.  And let's not ignore the fact that this woman appears to be quite pretty--why in the world would you cover up a pretty face with those huge, ugly glasses?  

If you look closer and compare SMG's picture at the beach to the screencap from Dr. Horrible, I'd suggest noting the proportions of each woman's chin, lips and nose.  To my eye, I'd say they're identical.  Especially the nose and we all know how SMG has a very unique looking nose.  

Wait, so some random extra with a pretty face who's bizarrely wearing a disguise to hide her pretty face in a Hollywood production (because that totally makes sense!  Hide the pretty women from the camera!) also has facial proportions extremely similar to SMG?

Uh huh.  Suuuuure, Joss.  It's totally not her.

Here's what I think happened.  Dr. Horrible wrapped filming the day of the Paleyfest Reunion.  SMG stopped by to visit on set since she was in town and feeling the love for her old Buffy days.  It was all very last minute and spontaneous.  "Hey, Sarah, come check out what I'm up to!"  Joss and SMG are having a good time catching up and they joke about how funny it would be if she were in the scene but disguised by wearing glasses and a black wig so no one knows it's her.  Just a funny nostalgic trip down memory lane to relive the days when Joss used to direct Sarah in a scene.  So they do it and they have a laugh and it's all great fun.  And while Joss is still busy finishing filming for the day, Sarah leaves to get ready for the reunion (she goes to get her hair did and gets all dressed up).   Joss meanwhile keeps on working and leaves the set to head directly to the reunion, just barely making it there on time.  

So if that is SMG, why would Joss say it's not her?  Well, probably because they didn't pay her to act in the project nor did they have any type of formal contract.  Maybe she asked not to be identified or maybe there's some type of deal with SAG where she can't just do an acting job without some kind of compensation or contract.  See, Joss wouldn't play his Lying Liar Guy card for no good reason, after all.  

Here's the thing, if it's not SMG, then why wouldn't Joss and co. just say who it really was?  If it's just some unknown extra, then she deserves some credit, right?  She no doubt got paid for her time and it wouldn't be a problem to provide her name.  In fact, it would help her to get that sort of attention where people mistook her for SMG and then we could all marvel at how she looks so much like SMG.

My eyes tell me it's SMG.  My logic-loving brain tells me it's SMG.  What do y'all think?

Poll #1650277 SMG in Dr. Horrible

Is that Sarah Michelle Gellar in Dr. Horrible?

Yes! It's totally her.
No way.
I'm not sure. It might be her...
And do share your reasoning in the comments! If you don't think it's her, I'd especially love to hear why (with hopefully more than a "Joss said so").
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