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Lurker Amnesty Day

So every couple months I get the urge to just wave madly at the people who read my journal in lurker fashion. No judgment! I lurked for forever before I joined in the fandom conversation so I totally understand--good times reading massive amounts of fic like breathing. Mmm fic.  And hey, I still lurk quite a bit to this day because sometimes commenting takes all this energy and... typing, you know?

Okay, anyways. Consider this post an invitation to drop by and say hello!  


And hey, I might try to get you to chat about inconsequential matters because I like people and chatting, etc, etc. ♥  Basically, consider me the nosy girl at the party who wants to get to know everybody.  Yeah, I'm that girl.  Even if you're not a lurker, feel free to join the chat party. Post links to fave youtube vids, songs, gifs, favorite quotes, link to books you think people should be reading, movies you love, articles that blew your mind, share a crazy story, whatever.

Come on, everybody. Chat party. Go!
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