Emmie (angearia) wrote,

2.07 "Masquerade"

 Katherine was so badass in this episode.  YES.  I wanted her to step it up and she did.  OH DID SHE EVER.  Every cut to a commerical kept upping the stakes.  Riveting.  Nina Dobrev was brilliant as Katherine in this ep.  She kinda reminds me of Boreanaz--she really shines when she's playing evil.

Last week I was worried that the show was weighing Katherine down with the lameness of the werewolves, but there's a Bigger Bad that's been hunting her and Katherine's had this secret agenda that includes protecting Elena.  I like it.  Well played.

The plot is rockin'.  I loved Bonnie meeting a cousin.  Also, Bonnie and Jeremy?  Kinda cute.  I was so amused by Jeremy saying they should dance while they waited and Bonnie being all "NO!  ...I mean, no thank you."  

And how awesome was Caroline first tricking Katherine and then being all strong and compassionate with Tyler?  CAROLINE.  ♥

I knew Stefan and Damon wouldn't go through with killing Katherine, but I found it interesting that Stefan lied to Elena about it.  Though I guess he did say "gone" and not that she was dead.  Good on Damon for finally burying Katherine, but I doubt it'll last that long.  At least he actually went through with it, though.    

This episode felt like the show's back on track.  I think this is up there with the premiere, definitely.  I only wish that Alaric was in the on the action.  C'mon, show.  Unleash Alaric!  
Tags: the vampire diaries

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