Emmie (angearia) wrote,

I whip my hair back 'n forth

 There's a meme going around on Tumblr that's been kinda skeeving me with its PUA vibes (example).  So I decided to do a gender flip which led to poking fun at Angel.  


It always struck me as funny that Cordy got more blonde around the same time in Season 3 that Angel was falling even more deeply in love with her.  I've also wondered if it was Charisma who chose to dye her hair blonde (as she was prone to change her hair from time to time) or if the show had asked her to dye it blonde just like SMG had to dye it for Buffy.  It seemed like an interesting choice as Cordy was continuing forward on her heroic journey since we all know dark-haired women are ~evil~  and ~dangerous~ while light-haired women are ~good~ and ~pure~ (and lest we forget that red-haired women are stubborn and have wicked tempers).
Tags: art, tumblr

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