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Castle Love

So much love for Castle and Beckett!

I loved how Martha romanticized the story about the boyfriend who broke his girlfriend out of prison, pointing out how it was a testament to true love. Would you be willing to break your love out of prison?  Later when Castle's joking with Esposito about how they'd both be stuck in prison, Esposito says he'd break out on his own because you gotta look out for Numero Uno and Castle pouts that he now knows who his true friends are thanks to this hypotetical prison term.  And it's all set up for this perfect moment when Beckett walks by and casually reassures him, "Don't worry, Castle, I'd get you out." How much do I love that it's Beckett who would rescue Castle?  That this show about Castle often features him gazing longingly at what he believes is his unrequited love.  I'm enjoying when this show successfully upsets gender expectations, especially when Castle plays lovesick to Beckett's stoic figure.  ♥  


Here have some vids!

I remember after the Season 2 finale being so frustrated by how they teased Castle and Beckett not getting together (I even wrote fic because of it!) and now I think about how much I enjoy where they're at right now. I wonder how the writers envision their relationship in the long term. I just hope it doesn't become like Bones where they keep playing the "will they/won't they?" game until I no longer care and it just becomes annoying how it overtakes the entire show.  Please, Castle, don't suck!  Keep being awesome!

I continue to love the stuffing out of Castle's relationship with his daughter Alexis and his mother Martha. Nathan Fillion is surrounded by women and it's awesome.  Sure, he's got his fun bromance times with Ryan and Esposito, but the really significant relationships are all about the ladies (and not in the ladies' man way he was first portrayed as). This show works for me largely because of Fillion's charisma, but I also really enjoy Stana's portrayal of Beckett.  Beckett's character has so many layers. She's always playing a deep game, ready to manipulate the situation to her advantage and do what's right, but even while she's hiding her vulnerability from her coworkers the camera will clue in the audience to how the tough choices are emotionally affecting her.

Who else watches this show? Who's feeling the love?
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