Emmie (angearia) wrote,

May I present Kalinda Sharma

This is why you should be watching "The Good Wife".

Now, any other time you see a woman wiling out on a car, it's because her boyfriend cheated on her. Not Kalinda (and the song playing even winks at this twist "here's a love song for your boyfriend"). She's beating the shit out of her coworker's car, Blake ( a rival private investigator working at the same law firm), because he's been trying to undermine Kalinda at work by stealing her casework and even pretending to misremember her name to attack her self-esteem. He's horning in on her territory and she's not gonna take that shit.

Please note how she puts on her stylish designer sunglasses to protect her eyes from the broken glass.  How she destroyes methodically, breaking the driver's side window to unlock the doors before going to snoop through the glove box.  It's not just about wholesale destruction--she's looking for evidence to gain leverage over Blake.  After she's finished searching the car, she realizes there's a witness and without blinking an eye, she leans back and nods her head all HBIC: "What are you waiting for? Go report it."  Then she kisses the rearview mirror (a present for her boyfriend!) and breaks the shit out of the remaining three windows.  See, it's not just about snooping.  She's professionally enraged even as she's cool as ice.  She's gonna take you down and she's gonna do it with style and bloody grace.


I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn Archie Panjabi won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in portraying Kalinda.  She makes me wanna stand up and cheer.   Hell yeah! \o/
Tags: feminism, hbics and bamfs, the good wife, tv
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