Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Art Request

Oh look, I'm talking about the Bechdel Test Comment Fic-a-thon again.  This is shocking.  Shocking, I say!

+  I was hoping someone artistically inclined would help me out here.  I'd like to have a banner with a lot of ladies from many different fandoms.  Just as many as possible, with text that says "The Bechdel Test Comment Fic-a-thon Thanks" and then leave space for a single name to be inserted for the individuals who've participated by writing for the fic-a-thon.  

So basically I'm requesting an all-fandom ladies template banner.  Anyone willing to give a hand?  I will resort to bribery if necessary!  Which of my fandom talents do you command in exchange for banner services?  I shall make it so (as long as it's not fanart, obviously).  I'd really love to give personalized participation banners out to the writers and I need an awesome template to start with.  Pretty please!

+  Also, I think by this time tomorrow the Bechdel Delicious account will be mostly up to date with all the prompts.  Yes.  ALL THE PROMPTS.  If you'd be so kind as to make use of this awesome resource (i.e. search for prompts by fandom!  by character!  by pairing! by author of completed fic!) then you will be VALIDATING MY EXISTENCE FOR THE PAST 6 HOURS.  (I went a little overboard here.  It's what I do when I'm excited. I catalogue and make links!)

+  Also, also, thanks to everyone pimping the ficathon!  And a preemptive thanks to simonf  for pimpin' it on the Whedonesque Twitter.  Yeah, 25,000 Whedonverse fans about to descend.  *braces self*

+  Also also also, one day soon I'll have something to say that's not about the Bechdel Ficathon (yeah, I've shortened the name, it's what I do 'cause I'm lazy), but that day is not today (haha, this might be a welcome change to those tired of me talking about Buffy Season 8).  Sorry!  I am trying to limit myself to one post a day, though.  You're welcome, flist.  Aren't I the best? 


Tags: art request, bechdel test ficathon
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