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The Bechdel Test Comment Fic-A-Thon is still going strong and picking up steam.  I'm so so pleased at the lovely fic being produced (I'm laughing, I'm crying, I'm touched).  Some of the prompts are driving me crazy with love over their originality and perfection.  All the Greek mythology is amazing, the prompts for cartoons like The Last Unicorn (movie) and Scooby Doo are joy.  Keep it up!

Seriously, combining fanfiction and feminism = JOY.  Transformative works, kids.  Good works, kids.  Thank you to everyone who's participating.  Thank you to everyone who's writing fic.  I'm especially grateful 'cause I am finding myself unable to dive in as I'm caught up trying to catalogue all this awesome.  

Speaking of cataloguing, check out:

+  the MASTERLIST where you'll find links to all the fic thus far.

+  the DELICIOUS account (delicious.com/bechdelfic) I'm compiling with the fabulous labellementeuse where you can filter your search for prompts and fic. (this is a wip!  we're trying to catch up and compile 20 pages of prompts!)
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