Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Fic: Reaping the Wish

Title:  Reaping the Wish
Summary:  That thing during the Crimean War.
Characters:  Anyanka, Halfrek
Rating: PG13
Word Count:  450
Author's Note: Written for the Bechdel Test Ficathon.  Also here are my thoughts on the Bechdel Test and how it relates to this story.

“War is changing, Halfrek. With the advent of the railways and the invention of the telegraph, the killing fields are ever closer to the forces of power.”

Halfrek chuckled. “Oh, I do adore these new toys of the modern age.”

“Not toys, dear. Tools.” Anyanka tapped her finger against her lips, surveying the smoke billowing on the horizon. The boom of cannon fire and the screams of the sailors crossed the waters to meet the two women standing on the docks. “It’s quite interesting. So many opportunities to reweave the fabric of reality, to bring the violence and gore to the hallowed chambers of the ruling forces. No one is safe.”

“No man, you mean. Oh, I know, I know, it’s not about men. It’s never about men!” Halfrek laughed, a sound of cultured delight, her gloved hands clasped under her chin. “You never tire, Anyanka. Honestly, I don’t know where you find the energy or the inspiration. Why, just look at this beautiful disaster! How do you do it?”

“It’s in the air!” Throwing her hands wide, Anyanka spun in a circle, tossing her head back to gaze up at the sky stained a murky gray. “How can you not thrive off the desolation of an empire?”

“Who knew a kadin’s wish could be so entertaining? A lesser demon would’ve settled for boils or syphilis, but to infect the populace with a fever that trickled down so deliciously, inciting such madness and jealousy and despair.”

“It’s all in the timing and attention to detail. You simply maneuver the pieces and then push.” Anyanka shrugged. “I cannot take credit—the wish demanded a grand fallout. Her heart desired this catastrophe.” Her eyes gleamed and her lips curved, her pleasure on full display. “It was my duty to make her wildest dreams come true.”

Snapping open her fan, Halfrek waved the smoke from her eyes. “I must admit, I was not expecting the Russian navy to meet such a dramatic end. That admiral was so accommodating in his ineptitude.”

“I’m sure he’s sunk to the bottom of the Baltic by now.”

“Going down with the ship?” Halfrek raised an eyebrow. “A bizarre virtue.”

“Utter nonsense.”

“So very human.”

“Precisely.” Smoothing her skirts, Anyanka turned her back to the sea and nodded towards the chaotic streets past the edge of the dockyards. “Shall we attend the looting? I grow weary of this sea battle. I can only watch so many ships blasted to bits before I’m overcome with ennui.”

Halfrek looped arms with Anyanka, their skirts brushing as they strolled away from the water. “Poor dear, you simply can't go ten minutes without a proper diversion.”

Anyanka pouted. “Is it too much to ask for a more inventive massacre?”

“Never, dearest. Never.”

Tags: anya, fic
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