Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Oh god, no. Please no.

 The covers for Last Gleaming Part IV | #40 are out.  My brain is starting to process what's to come and how it fits with Spike's return and his dynamic with Buffy and his role in her narrative.

I'm reeling because I have an awful prediction for where the story is headed.  I'm going to post my thoughts, but I kinda want to say DO NOT READ THIS, FLIST.  DO NOT.  Because it's about Spike and it's really upsetting.

I think Spike's gonna die.  For real this time.  

"The closest, the most unexpected."  Spike is the closest because he's Buffy's dark place.  He is a part of her inner psyche.  His betrayal is unexpected because she trusts him implicitly.  He fights at her side.  He stands by her.  And because he's a part of her, her inner psyche, shadow to shadow, she takes for granted that he'll be with her.  But Spike's return shows that he's more than Buffy's dark place.  He's the one with the logic and the answers here.  He's not a fool for love anymore.  He's  his own man now and he's on mission.  And he's got a secret, he knows something that must be done to stop this and we the audience still don't know.  He's on a mission and I've been anticipating he might turn on Buffy to get it done.  Because when forced to choose between the world and the girl, I think he'd finally choose the world not only because it's right, but because he knows that's what Buffy would want, too.  And I think he wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice himself.  

Joss recently said Spike is the most fully realized character.  He's grown from villain to hero--what if his story is done?  I can see Joss killing him because he thinks that's the last stage for Spike's growth, that Spike has fully actualized and must move on.  Death is the last step.

In Chosen, Spike is the one who closed the Hellmouth.  Maybe by doing so, he upset the balance.  Maybe to undo what was done, Spike has to die.  What if Spike knows this?  What if he instigates a fight with Buffy to force her to kill him?  It doesn't matter how you die, it matters who kills you.  

What if Buffy needs to kill the dark place?  The symbolism lines up.  Spike, the dark place, burned up when the Hellmouth collapsed, the metaphorical dark psyche of the world.  But Spike didn't stay dead because as the dark place he wasn't meant to destroy the dark place--Buffy was supposed to do it.  Closing the Hellmouth in the wrong way didn't solve the problems of the world.  They just got worse.  I speculated that this happened because Buffy wasn't the one to defeat the dark place in Chosen.  What if Spike knows this and he instigates a fight with her to get her back on track?  What if she has to kill him to set it right?  He'd sacrifice himself to save the world.  

Another thing I'm worried about is how Dawn fits into it.  And if Spike is instigating a conflict to get Buffy to kill him, he'd know the best way to do that is to attack Dawn.  That would be the greatest betrayal of all.  Because Buffy trusts Spike to always protect Dawn.  Till the end of the world.  Even after the AR, Buffy still trusted Spike to protect Dawn.

I'm worried that Allie says he wanted to respect the Spike/Buffy relationship.  Respect?  As in pay respects to something that's about to end?  They tore down Buffy and Angel's fantasy love, but both characters will survive this because it's good for them to destroy that fantasy love.  That's forward progression.  With Buffy and Spike, they've already grown so far.  They're already good for each other.  How do you tear down something that's already good, that's become stronger through the Season 6 trial by fire?  Betrayal and death.  

I wrote last month how I think Season 8 might be worth it because it's about finally letting Buffy heal.  But like this?  I don't want Spike dying to heal Buffy.  What's so painfully ironic (and stabbing me in the gut) is that I just wrote this story.  People who read my fic, you know what I'm talking about.

This makes way too much sense to me.  I'm reeling just at the possibility that they brought back Spike just to kill him.  And I know if this happens... I don't know what I'll do.  Buffy's behavior in #33/34 destroyed me for months.  This?  I'm afraid to think about it.  And now I can't stop.  

If anyone wants to be kind to me, think of ways in which Spike dying doesn't make sense.  In ways that Buffy didn't just use the Scythe to kill Spike and that's why the stake end is broken.  I can see the broken stake symbolizing the end of Buffy's entanglement with the vampires.  Her relationship with Angel has been deconstructed, now it's time for Spike.  This is about ending Buffy's dance with the vampires.  

Lauren, I want to rip the comics away from you and wash away any memory of them.  If it's going to end this way, I can't think of a more painful way to hurt you and me and everyone who loves Buffy, Spike and Dawn.  It's a trifecta of FUCKING WRONG.  I'm feeling heartbroken and fucking pissed.  I want to hit things.  I want to hit all the things.

Oh god.  You either live long enough to become the villain (Buffy, Angel) or you die a hero (Spike). No, no, no.
Tags: comics, meta, season 8
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