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 Okay, I just watched tonight's episode and the way it explored religion made it very uncomfortable to watch, but also made for some interesting commentary.  Nothing earth shattering or incredibly insightful, but it was interesting to see it laid out so baldly (possibly badly but I don't care about that really).  I spent so much of this episode being terrified that Glee was going to try to use religion and faith to heal Kurt's father, thereby leading Kurt into the light so he'd turn his back on his atheism.  And his going to church with Mercedes was also really tense for me to watch.  But it occurred to me that I liked the message of him standing alongside believers and that even if he doesn't believe that their prayers will help him, the fact that they're sending out good will for him and his family... I think it's healing and it's giving Kurt what he actually wants--to not be alone, to feel connection to loved ones and friends.  It's not other people's faith that helps Kurt, but the community of loving people there for him.

Kurt singing "I wanna hold your hand" while they played flashbacks of him spending time with his father destroyed me.  Like sobbing crying.  And little Kurt having tea outside with his dad with the tiny little cakes...  

This is my favorite father/son relationship quite possibly EVER.  Also, then Kurt comes back talking about how "I don't believe in God, Dad, but I believe in you.  And I believe in us.  That's what's sacred to me.  And I'm so sorry that I forgot to tell you that."  And I'm just sobbing all over again.  I'll get it together to be extremely uncomfortable with what the show is doing in this episode and then Kurt comes and totally destroys me in both scenes; he shows up and flips the switch and I'm sobbing.  This happened TWICE while watching.  And then his dad squeezed his hand.  Oh god, what is Kurt doing to me?  Is this just me?  Am I the only one utterly destroyed by this kid?  

Somebody hold me while I cry.  KURT, MY BABY.

Also, WTF Finn ate the Cheesus.
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