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I grew up in the Whatever Generation. Wait, are we the W generation or the X generation or the Y? Whatever, I can't remember.

See? We're the Whatever generation. The generation that doesn't really care if we don't know what you're talking about.  Ignorance is nothing to be ashamed of because clearly we don't know certain things because they're lame and not worth knowing.  It's the foundation of our identity: apathy and eye rolling.

Which brings me to my recent musings. Eye rolling dates back to olden times when men would hit women over the head and drag them to their cave. In truth, the women were just playing along and as they were pulled by their ankles, they would roll their eyes and ponder what they suffer through in order to get laid. It's an age old expression, but what did people used to say when they rolled their eyes before "whatever"?

And what will people say when they roll their eyes once "whatever" has become an archaic expression? I know. The horror. But someday the word may die (as words do) and I wonder what expression will replace it. What expression could ever hope to live up to "whatever".

So let's poll!

Predict the "whatever" of the future!

"Marzipan pie plate, bingo." + *eye rolls*
"Here's lookin' at you, kid." + *eye rolls*
"Snappa dappa diddly doo." + *eye rolls*
"La cucaracha." + *eye rolls*
"Tisch!" + *eye rolls*
"Shark piss." + *eye rolls*
"[See Comments]" + *eye rolls*
My Buffy flist is totally going to vote for the first one! I shouldn't tempt poll fate like this.
Tags: apathy, i'm bored, irrelevant polls, silliness, what are you looking at?, whatever

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