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Buffy Season 8 #39 Covers

A partial image of Jo Chen's cover for #39 was released in the Previews Catalog!  
Here's both covers for Last Gleaming Part IV so far:
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39 Partial  Photobucket

Looks interesting! Buffy is of course wearing the outfit that leads to the "closest, most unexpected" betrayal (see page below).  It looks like she's running from something and she looks pissed: nostrils flared, a lot of tension and anger in her face.  Okay, looking at these two covers makes me wonder what if Buffy is running from Giles?  Because Buffy's issues are all centered around her father figure (the Master, then Angel) and we know that Giles has been looking for a weapon that would kill a god.  Hmm.  If you switch the covers around, it looks like Giles is on the hunt for Buffy with his crossbow.

I also really love the hint of background in Chen's cover, the walls that we first saw in The Long Way Home in Buffy's dreamspace.  It really makes me think about how going into the Hellmouth is like going deep into your psyche because all the demons have been metaphors for our own issues.  So that wall?  That's your brain, yo.  This is your brain as the Hellmouth.  This is your brain on drugs.  This is your brain hopped up on tormenting you and you have to conquer your issues, face them head on. 

Anywhere But Here | #10
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