Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Okay, when did this happen?

I think I'm now shipping Faith/Giles.  I blame snickfic.  This is all her fault.  Like I'm imagining ways to go forward from Solid Through and how to push the relationship from subtext shippy vibes into outright text.  And I just saw it in my head and damn, it was so good that I'm shipping it.  (I'm not saying I'll be able to write it that good, but okay I'll be egotistical enough to say that I have a fantastic imagination and it got me.  Snap crackle pop and now I'm shipping it.)

I know I'm shipping them because I'm not doing this as a prompt for someone else.  I've written shippy stuff for other people before where I was delivering the story, but I wasn't really grooving to it in my own happy place where Spuffy lives.  How I ship?  Well, I sit around imagining Spike/Buffy stories on my own.  It's fun story time in my head.  And now I'm having fun story time in my head for Faith/Giles.  Like what?  When did this happen?  Somehow writing them worked for me like whoa.  Okay, brain.  I'm catching up with you now.  I get it.  I get it.

So apparently I'm joining the lone ranks of Faith/Giles shippers.  You can blame snickfic.
Tags: faith/giles, shipping, writing
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