Emmie (angearia) wrote,

The Vampire Diaries 2.03

 +  Ooooh I am so shipping Stefan and Caroline now.  Stefan smiling.  Stefan laughing.  Stefan teasing.  Caroline brings out this adorkable side to Stefan that is so necessary to offset his broodface.  Angel/Cordy, y/y?

+  Damon saves Elena, but then he has to continue being a jerk.  Oh immature vampire boy.

+  I'm actually enjoying the Caroline/Stefan stuff more than the Damon/Elena stuff.  Whoa, what is this?

+  Interesting vampire/werewolf mythos.  I do like when vampires and werewolves are treated as enemies, plus the long conflict where the vampires warred with the werewolves.  The werewolf bite being deadly to vampires?  That's new.  Also that vampires are a werewolves prey of choice.  

+  Whoa, Stefan learns from Elena that a werewolf bite can kill a vampire and he immediately looks for Caroline.  ~Feelings~  Protective ~feelings~

+  I hope the werewolves look cool.  I mean... sometimes they just look really crappy.

+  "Have I lost you forever?"  Damon.  He's so emotionally... awkward.  Like he doesn't know how to feel at all.  Aw.

+  Okay, Matt is obviously annoying with Caroline.  But he says he's in love with her.  And after a few days, he's ready to break up?  I loved how Caroline instigated the fight, but you'd think it would take more than Caroline acting jealous before Matt reached the end of his patience.  I mean, considering Caroline almost died in the first episode, then really did die and become a vampire... I dunno.  Basically, it made me doubt that Matt actually did love Caroline.  But I love Caroline for pushing him away for his own good.  It was one of the most selfless things she's ever done and just goes to show that if becoming a vampire has amplified her characteristics, that's not all bad.  Maybe she's even more selfless as a vampire.  Hmm...

+  Speaking of amplifying traits, this is another interesting mythos twist.  It makes me wonder if Damon as a human was prone to cutting himself off from his emotions, which then means that he would have even more trouble connecting as a vampire.  And vice versa with Stefan.  I'm reminded of Snick's Harmony icon: Soulless girls have to try harder.  With Damon, he has to try harder to stay in touch with his humanity.  *ponders*

+  YAY.  Rick is over Isobel.  That trip was good for him.  I love how he comes back to Jenna and just kisses her.  Though I'd like it better if Jenna's role in this show was more than parental figure and girlfriend.  Give Jenny something to do, SHOW!

+  Ouch, Elena.  Completely understandable.  But I love how Damon pointed out that by manipulating him, she and Katherine really do have a lot in common.

+  Caroline and Kattherine team up!  Yay for next week!

Conclusions:  Stefan is becoming more and more likable with every scene he's with Caroline.  The werewolves look pretty cool--thank god they look like actual wolves.  Alaric is back!  Although I kinda felt like he didn't have as much awesome things to do.  The road trip wasn't as fun as the other road trips Damon has taken Elena and Alaric (separately) on before.

I need to get some cool Caroline icons.  She's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.  Caroline/Stefan yay!

Tags: the vampire diaries, tv

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