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Buffy Season 8 #37 Preview

Everybody's posting about the preview provided by Comic Book Resources already, but being repetitive has never stopped me before.  T

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+ Buffy's just coming out of the shower.  o_O  She's got a happy smile on her face--yay!  Spike reclining on the bed, the unmade bed.  Perfectly comfortable and intimate with each other.  What happened before this scene?  What led to Buffy being in Spike's room and using his shower?

+ I love the intimacy of Buffy and Spike's interaction.  She finishes his sentences and teases him for his lame demonstrations while he calls her out and holds her accountable.  Also, check out that look of guilt on Buffy's face when Spike accuses her of banging out a universe--her eyes shift away because she can't look at him, her forehead furrows.  That is GUILT.  Buffy is back to wearing her sarape of guilt.  Of course, she tries to justify it a split second later, but who doesn't try to do that to escape a crippling guilt?  Spike smacks it down and she's forced to accept that yes, she is still responsible.

+  I'm not so much loving the way Spike gives exposition.  Blah blah vampire slayer emergency blah.  The exposition is the weakest part of this preview.  (Also, the awkward transition from Buffy and Spike to Dawn and Xander.)

+  Love the Dawn and Xander interaction also.  Dawn is scared, Xander comforts her and then tells her he wants them to move in together and have a life.  All signs have been point to Dawn biting it, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that Dawn's life will be in peril, but Xander will die protecting her.  He'll finally get to save the woman he loves, thereby subverting the 'Xander'sgirlfriend dies' trope.

+  Angel is being shown as a hero who carelessly drowns the Slayers he saves in blood.  Subversion much?

+ The question is being raised of where Spike got his information.  Xander is suspicious and questioning it.  It does make me hesitate.  I've been wondering this for a while because what we've been getting with Spike seems too good to be true.  But I think it would line up that Spike doesn't want to go into detail about what has to be done because he might know something that if he shared, would ruin the plan to save the world.  Spike might actually be playing the secretive-for-the-greater-good role that Angel aspired to and failed abysmally at in Season 8.

+  I love the final page most for what's happening in the background.  Giles is lost in thought.  Buffy is looking at Dawn with concern while Dawn is hugging herself and still freaked out.  Buffy is back in touch with humanity, feeling empathy for those she loves.  This is reinforced by her being the first one to notice Willow fainting and crying out with concern.  It takes me back to Long Way Home when Buffy runs to Willow lying on Warren's torture table, crying out, "Will!"
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