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The Vampire Diaries 2.02 "Brave New World"

+  LOL4EVER Caroline and her Capri Sun blood bag!

+  How's Damon going to use his knowledge about wolf boy...

+  Aw, Caroline and Matt are imploding.  This was a really poignant scene.  And I like how Caroline realizes something is wrong with her ("I have to leave tonight") yet she is determined to act normal and keep it a secret, which will naturally lead to badness, but will be fun to watch.  The way she leaned in to kiss Matt and the sun kept her from meeting him was sweet, perhaps a bit cliched, but still sweet and sad.

+  "Aren't you worried that one day all the forest animals are gonna band together and fight back?  I mean, surely they talk."

+  Caroline is tugging my heart strings.  I wonder if she killed the nurse.  I imagine she's too out of control not to.  And all these scenes of Bonnie and Elena bonding are starting to piss me off considering their friend is going through this horrible experience.  When Caroline started freaking out in front of the mirror, I just wanted to hug her.  Poor little vampire.  There, there.

+  Hello Bonnie's new love interest, Carter.  Oh, show.  Sometimes you are so obvious.

+  Okay, Uncle Mason, I'm still waiting for you to be ~interesting~.  Also, where is Alaric?  And now we're looking for a moonstone heirloom.  From when?  The hippie years?  Does it keep vampires from harshing your high when you're catching a sweet wave, bro?

+  Jeremy and Damon scene.  Yes.  Actually, any Damon scene makes me happy.  Damn, Damon.  Also, good on you Jeremy for standing up for yourself, but it's not the best idea to threaten the vampire who ~technically~ killed you the last time you met.

+  Where is Katherine?  Where is Alaric?  Where are the awesome people?  Damon can only be in so many scenes, show.

+  Haha vampire!Caroline's first mission as a member of the undead is to make sure the extracurricular activities are running smoothly.  "God bless, Elena, but she does not understand the word fabulous."  Okay, so clearly now Caroline is bringing the awesome.  YES.  Also yay, she didn't kill the nurse!  Caroline is a good vampire, the best!  "Forget what?"/"I don't know how that works but it's brilliant."  LOL.

+  "Go Stef!"  "Get em, Stef!" Lulz.  So whenever I'm friends with Stephanies, I always call them Steph/Stef.  So this nickname for Stefan is hilarious to me.  Girly vampire boy.  Caroline is more scary than you.

+  Wolf brothers vs. Vampire brothers!  It's brothers against brothers up in here.  I call dibs on the Salvatores.  'Cause hotter, funnier, more interesting.  No contest.

+  "They're not vampires.  What the hell are they?"/"Oh, uh, maybe they're ninja turtles."/"You're not funny."/"Or no zombies, werewolves."/"No comedic timing at all."  LMFAO omg Stefan, you are now hilarious!  When did this happen?  How?  Continue, please.  Also, Damon, that was funny.  Sorry, babe.  He gotcha.  Don't worry, you're still the wittiest of them all.

+  "This is reality.  There's no such thing as werewolves or... combat turtles."/"Ninja turtles."  Stefan totally just corrected Damon like he's a TMNT stan ("No, Leonardo is the one who wears blue!!!").  OMG.  Stefan is growing on me because he's a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I bet he watched it with Lexi.  I bet they went to see the movies together for his birthdays in the early nineties.  SO CUTE.  I bet he loved the 80's cartoon.  Tell me Stefan, what other shows are you favorites?

+  Uh oh, Bonnie's Love Interest who won't back down!  "Ambiguously supernatural mystery uncle" LOL.  See, Damon likes making up random names for the characters, too.  We're ~kindred~, clearly.

+  Ooooh Caroline remembers what Damon did.  YES.  Get it, girl. GET IT.  Damn, she looks FIERCE. Damon, haha, you got shoved by a newbie vampire.  "You suck."  Katherine + Caroline vs. Damon/Stefan, y/y?   And maybe throw in some Alaric.  Seriously, WHERE IS ALARIC?

+  Bwahahaha!  The way Mason jumps looks ridiculous!  Haha!  Still, it's better than the animal posing in the Twilight movies, I'll say that.

+  Caroline and Matt are so cute.  Matt called her "Car(e)"--nickname of love.

+  ACK, are Elena, Stefan and Damon in Alaric's classroom?  WHERE THE HELL IS ALARIC, SHOW?  And no, you're not gonna kill her, so stop threatening with that Damon.

+  Caroline, no, don't eat Bonnie's Love Interest!  Aw, sweetie: "I'm so sorry."  Damn, Caroline.  You're SCARY.  

+  "She almost died.  It's bound to mess with her head.  Plus, she's Caroline."  UGH, Bonnie, NO.  Stop dissing Caroline.  I'm so sick of Bonnie and Elena dismissing her and ignoring her.  ENOUGH.

+  Put. The. Stake. Down. DAMON.

+  "She's doing this to me, isn't she?"/"Actually she's doing it to me."  What?  By making Stefan kill Caroline, Katherine hopes to create strife between Elena and Stefan?  Hmm, interesting.

+  Lockwoods, you're boring.  Back to the vampires, show.  

+  Oh no, Caroline killed Carter Bonnie's Love Interest.  No, DAMON.  Enough.  You've already killed one awesome blonde vampire (Lexiiiiiiiii!).

+  I'm kinda shipping Caroline and Stefan.  Help her, Stefan!  And poor Caroline.  "She hates me.  Bonnie hates me."  Caroline crying is breaking my heart here.  (I bet some people might be annoyed by it, but she's pulling my heart strings.)  "I promise you I will not let anything happen to you."  Okay, yep, shippin' it.

+  Damon is getting kicked around by all the women tonight.  DAMN, BONNIE.  Scary witchfu.  But whoa, so much for hating Damon completely Elena.  Damon's about to die and you save his life.

+  Elena is really growing on me.  I love how she pragmatically sums up the insanity in her life and then just bucks up and says "I'm fine."  Like she's going to power through it.  I also loved how she told Bonnie to stop because that's not who they are.  They're not killers.  Go Elena.  

+  What's up with you, Jeremy?  "I don't do the big brother thing very well.  Sorry I don't have any milk and cookies to offer you."/"Dick."/"Wait.  My father hated vampires, too."/"He did?"/"Same reason your dad did.  Only it was 1864.  People knew how to widdle.  Did you do this?"/"Yeah, I tried.  It's a lot harder than it looks."/"Huh."  WHAT IS THIS CONVERSATION?  I love it.  Did dying help Jeremy get over his desire to die?  Because he seems so much more mature right now.  Like he's finally getting a clue.  

+  "Even though today I wanted to throttle you, I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you and now it seems like you don't feel the same way."  Okay, take away that qualification because I'm getting tired of people being dismissive and impatient with Caroline and this declaration would be full-on adorable perfect... OH MATT.  And that kiss was sweet and Caroline controlled herself thanks to what Stefan taught her.  YES.  I could ship Caroline with Matt or Stefan.  Both work for me.

+ Stefan, that is romantic and sweet.  LOL to "There's always the "D" word."  Okay, the flying straight up was cheesy, show.  WTH.  But I don't care.  "It's just so nice to see you laugh."  So rare, too.

+  "It's not gonna get any easier, is it?"/"No, it's not."  So you take what you can, when you can.  Pure cheese. <3

+  I liked it.  I don't think it was as good as the premiere.  I missed Katherine but I guess it worked that they gave her a break to more deal with the fallout of her turning Caroline.  But still, WHERE IS ALARIC?  He needs to come back now already.

+  Final Meta-y Thoughts:  The best scene of the night was absolutely the Damon and Jeremy bonding.  I'm copy/pasting what I just said over on shadowkat's journal:  That in Damon bonding with Jeremy it shows how he can see himself in Jeremy. Which puts an interesting spin on why Damon killed Jeremy. He was making a victim of his human self.  In the first episode of this season, Damon knows about Jeremy's death wish when he attacks Jeremy.  He said after being rejected by Elena: "No, it's not okay, Elena. He wants to be a vampire. You want me to shut off the pain? It's the easiest thing in the world. The part of you that cares just goes away. All you have to do is just flip the switch and snap."

Damon sees himself in Jeremy, the same young fool who wanted to become a vampire because of a woman (Katherine/Anna). Remember how Damon went to Jeremy to console him about Anna's death?  Damon himself lost the vampire woman he loved in a burning building.  So for Damon killing Jeremy and flipping the switch means Damon is trying to prove how he too can flip the switch and not care anymore. To be invulnerable.

I expect we're seeing the beginning of a long arc between Damon and Jeremy. Nice move by the writers. It's making Jeremy a more interesting character and it's giving Damon opportunities for development that are removed from romance. It's like Damon gets a second chance to be a big brother.  Let's see how he does the second time around.

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