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Doomed Ship Recs

 Ahhh, anythingbutgrey's Doomed Ships comment ficathon is the gift that keeps on giving!  If you have somehow missed this glory, you need to get in on the action.  Post prompts, write fic, or just leave feedback.  It's a fandom shippers love fest!


Inexplicably, among hundreds upon hundreds of prompts, most of my prompt prayers have been answered.  Clearly I hit the jackpot!  

+   "Hearts of Glass" by ever_neutral   (Angel, Faith/Wes, fucked over, fucked up and just plain fucked)

+  aisalynn says she's "working on it"  *hearts in my eyyyyes*  (The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cameron/John, would you have loved me for a little while?)

+ "Woodstock" by eilowyn   (The Vampire Diaries, Lexi/Stefan, we were good for each other, too good to ever give it a chance)

+  "You Set Me Free" by la_petite_singe  (Dexter, Dexter/Rita, cut free, all ties unbound)  [Spoilers for Season 4 finale]

+  "Untitled" by rosie1234  (The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kyle/Sarah, on your feet, soldier)

+  "Behind The Eyelid" by eleusis_walks  (Buffy, Giles/Jenny, snapshot memories dim with every shot of whiskey)

+  "Treats" by laeria  (Buffy, Wishverse vampire!Willow/Angel, oral fixation)

+  "Plant your hope with good seeds" by dollsome  (True Blood, Bill/Lorena, I wish I'd known you then before your heart turned black)

+  "Fresh Blood and Dewy Queens" by nonky  (True Blood, Russell/Talbot, the honeymoon's over)

+  "Never Kissed" by aaronlisa  (Dollhouse, Adelle Dewitt/Laurence Dominic, our lips, my love, never the twain shall meet)

+  "by any other" by ever_neutral  (Angel, Angel/Darla, no, we never loved for love paled in comparison)

+  still unfilled!  *hopes*   (Mad Men, Joan/Roger, memoirs, an epic chapter left unrecorded

I just wanted to share the lovelies here.  Enjoy and leave feedback (which I so need to do).  And if you feel like making my day, you could write me a Mad Men or a Vampire Diaries fic.  *wink wink*
Tags: fandom, ficathon, rec

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