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I watch way too much TV

 So, I was bored and when I get bored, I make lists.  About TV.  Yeah.

The Fall season has started (on the CW at least) and I thought it would be a good idea to figure out what I'm watching (answer: way too much).  I checked out the Fall Schedule on TV Guide then started making a list, picking out the shows I would be watching this fall.  

The shows in RED are the ones I never miss an episode of and try to watch the night they air.  All other shows are ones I don't really worry about keeping up with, but I might marathon through when I'm looking for a distraction.  Some are shows I used to love but have gotten kinda meh (HIMYM, The Office), new shows from last year that have good potential but I'm not feeling it (Parenthood), guilty pleasure shows (Gossip Girl, ANTM) and finally shows I occasionally watch out of curiosity at how bad it's gotten (Smallville).


 Dancing With the Stars (ABC) (9/20)
 How I Met Your Mother (CBS) (9/20)
 House (FOX) (9/20)
 Chuck (NBC) (9/20)
 Gossip Girl (CW) (9/13)
 Castle (ABC) (9/20)

Wow, it's really sad how many shows I watch on Monday night that I'm not really enjoying that much anymore.  I usually love Chuck, but I was underwhelmed by the finale.  House has just gone on too long and I don't care anymore.  HIMYM had a kinda disappointing season.  Gossip Girl is a guilty pleasure I've started getting bored with (but I still tune in because of the abundance of women on the show).  I really enjoy Castle (enough that I wrote fic for it!) for Nathan Fillion and the chemistry of the cast and Dancing with the Stars is always fun.


Glee (FOX) (9/21)
Dancing with the Stars Results (ABC) (9/21)
The Good Wife (CBS) (9/28)
Parenthood (NBC)
Caprica (Syfy) (10/5)

Yep, I love Glee.  I love the music, the spectacle, the OTT dialogue and the crazy characters.  It's fun.  It's a pleasure I don't feel all that guilty about.  Now, The Good Wife... that's just quality drama.  Same with Caprica--the pace might at times feel a bit slow, but it's the kind of slow that sucks you in and takes you on a mindbender.  Parenthood... kinda meh about it after I really enjoyed how the show began.


America’s Next Top Model (CW) (9/8)
Lie to Me (FOX)
Modern Family/Cougar Town (ABC) (9/22)
Friday Night Lights (DTV) (10/27)
Friday Night Lights is awesome.  I'm gonna try to keep up with Modern Family and Cougar Town, but I actually haven't even started watching them.  We'll see.  ANTM... total guilty pleasure: I love watching Tyra be crazy, the exotic shoot locations and the manufactured drama.


Vampire Diaries (CW) (9/9)
Bones (FOX) (9/23)
Community (NBC) (9/23)
30 Rock (NBC) (9/23)

Nikita (CBS) (9/9)
Fringe (FOX) (9/23)
The Office (NBC) (9/23)
The Mentalist (CBS) (9/23)
Vampire Diaries and Community are my loves forever and always.  Oh, my SHOWS.  And 30 Rock is still wonderful because of Tina Fey.  I am really behind on The Office, The Mentalist and Fringe and I don't feel the urge to catch up, but we'll see.  I did watch the rest of last season's Bones (because of a wave of nostalgia) and I'm mostly curious to see where it goes, but I'm still very disappointed in how far it's fallen.  I caught the premiere of Nikita--thought it was interesting and had potential, but I'm not feeling the magic.


Smallville (CW) (9/24)
Why am I still watching this show?  Or even thinking about watching it?  I  haven't finished the last season.  I think it's because I've watched all the seasons and the completist in me wants to see it through.  Also, Chloe is cool.



Boardwalk Empire (HBO) (9/19)
Dexter (Showtime) (9/26)
Mad Men (AMC) (finale 10/17?)

GAH, Dexter.  I am so looking forward to the Season 5 premiere.  It's gonna be brilliant.  And Mad Men continues to be awesome even though we're coming closer to this season's finale and the long hiatus.  The previews for Boardwalk Empire look sick also and it's starring Steve Buscemi--it looks like quality TV at its best.  We'll see how it measures up.

Shows In Progress

Mad Men – Sunday 10:00 (AMC) (finale 10/17?)  Yes, it's on here twice.
Covert Affairs – Tuesday 9:00 (USA) Two Hour Finale tonight 9/14
Entourage – Sunday 10:30 (HBO) 10/12? Episodes
Top Chef – Wednesday (BRAVO) (finale 9/15)

Covert Affairs finale is tonight, woohoo two hours!  I was surprised to find how much I enjoy this show and the lead, Piper Perabo.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes spy action and women in charge.  It's kinda like Alias, only realistic and 10x less melodramatic.  Entourage is one of those shows I don't really know why I watch anymore.  It was good once upon a time and now it just kinda sucks (maybe it always sucked?).  

Shows on Hiatus

Justified – Thursday 10:30 (FX) Season 2 returns 3/11 ??
White Collar – (USA) Season 3, returns 1/11
The Closer – Monday 9:00 (TNT) Hiatus, returns 11/29/10
Breaking Bad – Sunday (AMC) Season 4 returns 3/11
True Blood – Sunday 9:00 (HBO) (Finale 9/12) Season 4 returns 6/11
So You Think You Can Dance
Doctor Who - (BBC) Christmas Special

Doctor Who!  Eleven!  Amy!  Rory!  Okay, breathe.  Also yep, I have watched Justified (as many on my flist recommended) and it's awesome.  Dear god, Timothy Olyphant is sexy as hell.  Ride 'em cowboy, YUM.  I've tried Breaking Bad and White Collar.  I wasn't hooked immediately by Breaking Bad, but I plan on going back.  White Collar had me intrigued enough that I watched the first six episodes in quick succession, but then my interest dimmed a bit.  I'll be going back for more though.  So You Think You Can Dance remains one of my favorite reality shows--you know, because it doesn't suck.

Cool Shows in the Distant Future

Game of Thrones – (HBO) 2011

This show looks so awesome.  

So how about everyone else?  What are you watching?  What are you must-see shows?  Any promising new shows on the horizon you're looking forward to?
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