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The Vampire Diaries 2.01

 Katherine! Katherine!  Katherine!  Oooh, my heart.  I've been so excited for this premiere!

+  Whoa, that cold open was INTENSE.  "Behind you... behind you..."  GAH.  

+ Jeremy didn't get turned! Phew, good.  Oh, but he could still be turned if he dies with Anna's blood in his system.

+  Okay, where is Damon?  I need Damon now, please.

+   Aw, Bonnie feels responsible for the accident that's hurt Caroline.  And that's why she later tells Damon to give Caroline his blood.

+  Damon!  You are my faaaaaaaavorite!  Aw, I can never tell if he's being genuinely concerned for the Sheriff now when he hugged her.  It did seem more tender.

+  Okay, this is Katherine in the hospital hugging Bonnie, isn't it?  And Damon is eyeing her funny.  No wait, he's eyeing Bonnie suspiciously because of her not de-magicking John's device.

+  Aw, Damon, you care.  You're willing to give Caroline blood to heal her.  Considering I just rewatched Season 1 and how awful and cavalier Damon was with Caroline's safety, this is a huge difference.

+  Ahhhh, Damon still doesn't know it was Katherine.  SHOW YOU ARE KILLING ME AND I LOVE IT.  Masquerade makeout sessions are THE BEST.  MISTAKEN IDENTITY WINNAGE.

+   Yes, Damon figured it out!  But oooh Katherine is going for Stefan!  Katherine, you are THE BEST.  BE EVIL MORE, MMKAY?  Also, I love how we can tell which Nina Dobrev is evil by the fact that Katherine is in black leather.  YES.  Just like ANGELUS.

+  Stefan is the SMRT brother, apparently.  Okay, but in my fanwank head, besides the fact that Stefan does know Elena more intimately, I can think how Damon was so bowled over by all his ~feelings~ that he didn't realize it was Katherine.

+  Yay to no more lying to Jeremy.  Let little bro grow up already.  And let's make him stop moping and be AWESOME.  Jeremy should go hang out with Alaric and take lessons.  Also, where is Alaric? 

+  "What do you mean you kissed?"  "Well, you know, when two lips pucker and they go..." *smooch smooch*  HAHAHAHAHA WIN.  ILU DAMON.  

+  What's going on with you, Damon?  He wants to ignore Katherine to draw her out, so that he can kill her.  Hmmm...

+  Caroline and Matt are CUTE.

+  Whoa.  New character.  I'm guessing it's Tyler's brother.  Black sheep.  Yes, cliche, but oh what the hell?  Why not?  Wait, it's Tyler's Uncle Mason.  Welcome home, Uncle Mason.  I hope you're AWESOME like Alaric and Damon.

+  I'm glad Uncle John's not dead!  ...yet.  I love the actor who plays him.  

+  Whoa, Stefan, that is NOT cool.  JFC.  I know everyone in fandom (besides Lauren and me) hates Uncle John, but the only thing he's trying to do is kill vampires which... okay, isn't exactly the most evil thing a person could desire to do.  So...

+  Yay Katherine is crashing a wake!

+  Okay, Bonnie and Damon's interactions are wonderfully tense, sarcastic and bantery.  I'm tempted to ship it.  And oh, Bonnie is kickass with her witch's brew and her figuring out it's Katherine.

+  So, Nina Dobrev is really convincing me here.  Especially when she's playing Katherine, then she switches to Katherine-pretending-she's-Elena.  

+  Huh.  Stefan/Katherine is way more interesting to me than Stefan/Elena.  "No rules, Stefan.  Don't you remember?  No rules."   

+  Awwww, Katherine was waiting for Stefan to take her hand and Stefan dissed her.  Unrequited vampire love!

+  "Why's it such a surprise that I'd kiss you?"/"That's not a surprise.  I'm surprised that you thought I'd kiss you back."/"Now I'm hurt."  OW.  Shot hit right to the heart.  Damn, Elena.  Okay, why are my OTPs so ~mean~ to each other?  Why???  I know, I know, drama makes it better.  SHUT UP.  Damon + emotional pain is my new OTP.  It wrenches at my heart just right.

+  Uh oh.  Jeremy's wearing a black leather jacket.  It means he wants to be a vampire.  Also, when did Jeremy get hot?  He... seems less whiny and more mature in this scene.  

+  "You hate me, huh?  That sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one."  Yes, Katherine, the way to a vampire's heart is by stabbing him.  Let your ~courtship~ begin.  TWISTED VAMPIRE ~LOVE~

+  Oooh, brother angsty competitive scene!  "Our bond is ~unbreakable~," Damon says sarcastically.  EXCEPT IT IS.  Aw, Stefan, good job on not fighting Damon and trying to stay united.  That's wise.  Stefan really seems to understand Katherine.

+  Oh, good scene between John Gilbert and Jeremy.  I like John.  I dunno, I just do.  

+  Is it possible Tyler will become a more likable character now?  That scene of him freaking out was interesting.

+  "Come on, kiss me or kill me.  Which one will it be, Damon?  We both know you're only capable of one."  Katherine and Damon get the BEST lines.  "My sweet, innocent Damon."  Um, innocent?  Aw, Damon.  So much for your feelings for Elena.  But I suppose it's to make the tension even stronger--if Katherine didn't hold any power over you, what conflict would you feel?  

+  "The truth is I've never loved you.  It was always Stefan."  GAH.  Daaaaaaaaaaamon.  WHY??  Okay, someone needs to show up and ~love~ Damon, STAT, because this is not FAIR.  Okay, my heart has now been ripped out alongside Damon's.  

+  Aw, sad!Damon went to Elena.  YES.  THANK YOU, BELOVED VAMPIRE SHOW.  GAH.  "I love Stefan, it's always going to be Stefan."  What is this, show?  Kick the Damon?  Poor woobie!Damon.  

+  Oh my GOD.  Damon, NO.  Do NOT kill, Jeremy.  Okay, woobie!Damon did not last.  And THANK GOD for the ring.  I thought as John was leaving that he would give it to Jeremy, but when they didn't show it, I mostly forgot.

+  And now Elena hates Damon.  Damon hates everyone and wants everyone to hate him because it's easier.


Ack, is it next Thursday yet?  Ohhhh wow.
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