Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Spuffy Love

These are just a few of my faves, but I felt like getting my Spuffy fix and I thought it might be nice to celebrate them.  Y'all have probably seen me rec some of these before, but I love them!  So without further ado...  

By Darlaproductions

By SpuffyProductions

+ First, Untouchable at the Bam vid vault.

By Effulgent Reflections

Anyone care to share their favorite Spuffy vid(s)?  How about favorite picspams?  Or meta?

Remember that community I started ages ago with gabrielleabellebackporchspuffy?  There's still the amazing compilation of Spuffy meta by Gabs and then my post for the Kisses of Spuffy.

Also, does anyone know where to find some Spuffy GIFs?  I have so many of Buffy, but none of them together except for her drinking face from Life Serial.  I NEED SPUFFY GIFs.
Tags: rec, spuffy, vid rec

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