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I'm tired now

A week ago, I suddenly realized I wasn't walking wounded about the comics anymore.  Everyone on my flist knows how upsetting the developments in the Twilight arc were to me, from the consent issues to Buffy's characterization to general storytelling choices.  I still agree with those opinions and critiques from back then (in the sense that I'm still very critical of that arc--it's like my Seeing Red of Season 8) and I haven't suddenly changed my mind about that, but I'm no longer feeling like my guts were ripped out.

I really was that emotionally thrown and upset about the way the story seemed to be ripping apart Buffy's character in such ways that seemed specifically designed to make a feminist cry.  It hurt.  I got forcibly shoved out of the story and spent a few months mostly criticizing what I saw as being poorly done.  (Hey, I spent three years cheering.  A girl gets to have a rough patch in a four and a half year journey.)

But then last week after those long months of no comics, I realized that I felt okay again.  No longer wounded.  And I stumbled across a request by Eilowyn (that received a chorus of agreement) that I please do another interview with Scott Allie.  I thought, sure, why not?  And decided to try and get my positive Season 8 groove on.  I procrastinated getting ready and preparing (like I always do!), then spent a sizeable chunk of Monday and Tuesday preparing questions for the interview (thinking of all topics under the sun that people are still waiting for answers on and then figuring out how to phrase them, while also looking up Whedon quotes) and when I was too brain dead to think up questions, I started working on a Season 8 picspam of my favorite moments of the season (which I'll be posting later).

Then Wednesday hit, I put the finishing touches on the questions, drove downtown to buy the comic, read it, read it again, then came back and posted my reaction before reading what anyone else had thought of the issue (so I wouldn't be influenced on my initial read).  Cue my surprise at finding it an uphill struggle being one of the few people with a positive reaction to the story.  I spent most of Wednesday arguing my case, then later on that night formatting the Allie interview before posting it.  Today has been more of the same--trying to find the positive and looking for meaning.

I've been trying so hard to recapture the positive because I really do feel there's hope for some good and I wanted to share that positive spirit.  But I'm... really tired now.  SO TIRED.  I feel like Forrest Gump during his marathon runs across the country when he just stops in the middle of the road and turns around to address his followers. 

So after feeling like the lone positive voice for two days (oh, how I suffer?! :p) and devoting a serious chunk of time before that to the interview, I'm very happy to sit back and point to other people with more well-articulated and comprehensive theories and observations. 


Again, ladyofthelog  has some wonderful insights on the Riley one-shot and Last Gleaming

me_llamo_nic caught some great foreshadowing in a reread of Always Darkest

2maggie2 's essay provides a comprehensive theory for Buffy's emotional arc for Season 8--the Big Picture.

local_max's very thorough and insightful review of Last Gleaming Part I

and finally slaymesoftly's reaction to #36

Y'all are my meta writing heroes.  Seriously.  *falls over*

I'd forgotten how exhausting it can be to feel like the lone voice.  I don't know how Maggie lasted so long these past few months (stronger and more temperate of will, perhaps).  She probably had the forethought to not do too many things all at once also (note to self: while it's nice to believe you can change the world with your positive attitude, you don't have to do it all at once in a dozen different ways).  I'm really happy there's a positive spark of meta flowing. 

(And can I just say again that I loved Spike's characterization in #36 so much!!!)
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