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FIC: Catering to a Vampire

Title:  Catering to a Vampire
Summary:  Buffy makes plans for Spike's birthday.
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  ~200
A/N:  Written for deird1 who totally won a fic from me in the Stump the Author meme.  Hope you like it!  This is unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine.

Spike Likes:

- Drinking
- Kitten Poker
- Leather
- Black shirts, jeans, boots, nail polish, eye liner, blackblackblack
- Passions
- Blood (with Weetabix)
- Fighting

"So I just need to find a salon that's open 24/7 and caters to vampires, serves lots of booze and blood with Weetabix crunchies,"—Buffy contorts her mouth and makes a yuck face—"has a secret kitten poker game in the back and lets you watch cheesy supernatural soap opera marathons." She chews her lip, contemplating. "Or I could break out my old cheerleading pom-poms and parade around in a whipped cream bikini which you can lick off me, and then we'd have mindblowing sex and I’d—"

"The second one. Definitely the second one," Spike murmurs, his fingers stroking her naked back. He’s sprawled on the bed behind her, eyes closed, hair mussed, and looking thoroughly shagged out.

Buffy slides the pen behind her ear, glances over her shoulder and raises a brow. "You realize you don’t get to choose because knowing which one you're getting totally ruins the birthday surprise, right?"

His eyes shoot open and he scowls. "Why the hell are you telling me then?"

Buffy shrugs, pulls the pen free and starts doodling in the margins of her list. "'Cause it's fun."

Tags: fic, spuffy
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