Emmie (angearia) wrote,

A ficathon and the tumbling of thoughts

deird1  has a brilliant ficathon starting today:  The Comic Covers Ficathon (now with less comics)  where you write a story inspired by one of Jo Chen's Season 8 covers but the story has nothing to do with the comics.  Fun!  Go lay claim to a cover at deird1's and write a story.

I also had this funny realization that the Jo Chen cover for #5: The Chain fits a story I wrote over a year ago, Mirror Mask.  I went back to reread that fic (which is a post-Chosen Buffy portrait) and ended up tinkering and editing it a bit.  I was already very happy with it, but I think I made it  better.  There were lines that I couldn't figure out how to tweak for the longest time then today I looked at them and just knew.  Yay for editing inspiration.

Rereading my Buffy portrait got me to thinking about how I've characterized Buffy in other stories, the most recent being Fin Amour.  And I realized something about Buffy and Spike through how I depicted them:  Spike is the undeniable force to Buffy's immovable object.  The more I think on it, the more I believe this is Buffy and Spike's story: what happens when an undeniable force meets an immovable object.  Of course, the two change each other and share aspects and blend together, but I always think of Buffy as the anchor, as the constant light, while Spike is the wild wind, always challenging and embracing change.  Now, that's not so much who they are themselves, but who they are to each other.

*thinky thoughts*

On a personal note, tomorrow's a big day for me.  I have an important meeting and if all goes well, my life will vastly improve.  Wish me luck!
Tags: meta, rec, spuffy

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