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Oh yay!

The Cover-to-Cover Awards Round 2 list of nominees is up and wow, there's some great fic! 

Here's my PSA for dampersnspoons

Still time to nominate y'all!  Share the fic love!  Come on, it feels great, tastes great and is calorie free!  It's better than SEX!  Okay, no, it' s not better than sex literally but jeez, can't you tell when I'm speaking in code! 

At this point, I'm abusing exclamation points.  Deal with it.  I think I had too much sugar today.


By the by, I got some spiffy news myself and my reaction was all:


Thanks so much to whoever nominated Fin Amour!  *twirls you* 

It's nominated in the categories of Best Angst, Best Characterization, Best Spuffy Fic and Best Canon Fic.  I quite like how the c2c_buffyawards have the characterization category be all-inclusive rather than focusing on just one specific character--that's how I tend to view it myself, so I think that standard makes the category more meaningful.

I saw hollydb's "The Writing on the Wall" is in most of the same categories, so that in itself is an honor as her story is quite the epic tale.  But really the whole nominees list is like overdosing on acid if acid were good fic (okay, I suck at drug metaphors.  I'm worse than Season 6 Willow.  I GET IT).  Shiny, shiny, shiny fic!

Congrats to my flisties for your noms!  I'm giving you high fives down low, up high and not even yanking your chain with the too slow!  Oh, yeah!

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