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Very Important Question, Y'all

What are some of the funniest scenes (moments, lines) for BtVS?  Feel free to spam this post.  The more, the better.  Buffyworld it up and even go for broke with transcripts.  Or Youtube link the funny.

I'm thinking about analyzing the humor of BtVS and wanted some faves to take a gander at.  HALP.


+ Xander and Harmony slapfight (gah, what episode is this in? My Season 4 fu is not strong, grasshoppa!)

+ Spike tackles Buffy to keep her from shooting Principal Wood with her rocket launcher. Him

+ "Stop touching my magic bone."

+ Faith killed one of the most peaceful and logical of races, a Vulcan (Andrew's monologue). Why would she kill someone who studied Vulcans?

+  Save your babies and your beadwork!  Pretty much anything Anya ever.  Bunny fear especially.

+ Oz dressing up for Halloween with a nametag that says God.  And Willow as Joan of Arc is his date. 
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